In-Situ Crankshafts Grinding
crankshaft without dismantling from the engine, Crankshafts Grinding size is dia 540mm .We have recorded the biggest crankshaft, In-Situ Grinding first time in the Pakistan.

Crankshafts Grinding
crankshaft on machined Length 4876.8mm dia 1270mm

In-situ Main Line boring
Without shifting on site Main Line Engine Block, Mill roll, Compressor, Casting All type of machining in body etc.

Industrial project erection installation and commissioning

Metal Stitching
Metal Lock Cold Method, engine block flam, cylinder Head All type Crack Parts Broken or weakened body etc.

Before Metal Lock

After Metal Lock

Roll Grinding
Roll grinding dia 1320mm to 4876.8mm on machining

Impeller Grinding
dia 1320mm to 4876.8mm on Grinding machining.

Metal Spray
Ceramic, stainless steel, Aluminum , low and high carbon steel, , Molybediem, Copper, etc.

Turbine and roll grinding dia 150mm to 540mm Length 4876.8mm on machined.